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Would you like to learn how to have a successful business that will also have a huge impact and leave a legacy, directly and personally from the expert on

small business success,

Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth?


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Dear Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Solo-Preneur,

Are you passionate about your business and grateful for the success you are experiencing but just feel like there's something more you should be doing; if only you could figure out what that "something more" is?

Or maybe, you feel as if you are always "this close" to going from struggling to surviving or from surviving to thriving but can't seem to figure out what those super successful people have that you don't?

The truth is, successful business owners don't possess anything you don't have.

What they do have, is a special point of view about business that few others possess.

And it's that special point of view about business that separates the stunningly successful few from their tragically unsuccessful others who continue to struggle from day to day trying to fix their business but never truly getting ahead.

Well, guess what?

That special point of view is something you can obtain from the expert on the subject of small business,

Michael E. Gerber -- the author of The E-Myth, in a

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The inside story of the man behind the 'Myth', the true E-Myth master himself. What prompted the writing of The E-Myth, how it has changed the face of business and what you need to know to change the face of your business.

How one simple book became a multi-million dollar branded empire and how you can achieve the same by following the systems outlined in The E-Myth. Michael calls this complimentary call: "The Book, The Brand, The Business". In it, he intends to tell you how to put The E-Myth special point of view to work in your life and business, and how to accomplish exactly what Michael E. Gerber has accomplished himself.


Why now is an unprecedented time to achieve unlimited success for any business owner and why you can't afford to sit on the sidelines any longer.


The E-Myth has been an international sensation for the past twenty-five years, and now, Michael E. Gerber is excited to celebrate this milestone by teaching you what he has learned over the past quarter of a century.

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